We are the specialist industry team at Maynooth University.

Our role is to provide access to Maynooth University’s world-leading expertise and facilities, to identify societal challenges to which we can contribute solutions, and to enable a smooth flow of innovation from our research teams out into industry and society.
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The team is made up of business development and start-up company support professionals with extensive commercial and research experience within the sectors they serve.


The Industry Support team

Specialise in connecting you with the expertise you need from amongst our academic community, through agreements structured to provide clarity and confidence in the services and IP we can provide, whatever the stage of your business.


The Business Incubation team

Developing and supporting the technologies of the future, helping entrepreneurs at the start of their journey to develop the skills, network, and credibility they will need to succeed.

A technology-enabled ecosystem

MaynoothWorks’ role is the development of a robust, technology-enabled ecosystem centred around Maynooth University: driving high value jobs and wealth creation in Ireland’s Mid-East region, and providing the university’s academics with a stream of technical and societal challenges to focus their studies toward targets of value to the island of Ireland and beyond.

We are the front door to Maynooth University, connecting the needs of society and industry to the engines of research within our departments.

Connections across the Irish and EU funding landscape

Our staff are also expert in navigating Ireland’s funding environment, helping you to identify the most suitable route to subsidise your high-risk, high-reward research programme. With connections across the Irish and EU funding landscape, we can connect you to the right resources for your needs.

We will work with you to build your team and business plan to provide clear routes to market, while our specialised early-stage consultancy services enable developing SMEs to make the right decisions at the right time – with many services provided free to our members.

We also engage closely with Europe’s private equity funding sector: when the time is right for your innovation to accelerate towards the market, we can help you find the right investors to help you make it happen.

End-to-end support

MaynoothWorks provides end-to-end business and technology innovation support.

Whatever the stage of your business, get in touch with our team to see how we can help you grow and expand.
Your success is our success.