We combine innovation spaces and programmes that enable entrepreneurs to articulate, build, and market-validate their great ideas.

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Innovation Space

We offer flexible office options, from co-working spaces to dedicated offices and labs depending on each companies’ stage of maturity (early to advanced).


Communal Offices

Co-working space for those at the start of their journey and/or digitally nomadic based companies


Shared Offices

Dedicated desks in shared offices for growing companies


Dedicated Offices

Traditional office space for more established companies


Access a range of maker tools to build your MVP, test it and customer validate, perfect for lean start-ups keen to best utilise precious early-stage funds.


Maker Central

A maker space with shared equipment for building prototypes and MVPs, avoiding the need for high costs in realising your solution concepts.


Media Studio

A versatile communication space to either create promotional material aimed at potential customers or run streaming events to maintain company culture, in a hybrid-working world.

Innovation Programmes

Our programmes are designed to help companies understand their capacity to meet the challenges ahead and how to boost confidence and knowhow.