About Our Network

We believe innovation is stimulated by networks of like-minded entrepreneurs.

A vibrant university community

MW is a part of a large and vibrant university community ranging from student entrepreneurship clubs to advanced research institutes.
Externally, MW has partnerships with local enterprise offices, the European Space Agency BIC network, multinational corporation networks and their combined connections to SMEs.

Sharing ideas, maximising potential

MaynoothWorks  supports a vibrant community where entrepreneurs develop their ideas and maximise their company’s potential.

As companies journey through the different stages of development, MaynoothWorks provides a range of business supports and a mix of flexible facilities including bright modern offices, hot desk, wet labs and meeting rooms.

Client Companies


Joe Moore

Joe has over thirty-years’ experience in building businesses in a range of company types; multinational to start-up. With Motorola he developed and implemented plans to enter new, and recapture lost markets. Usually involving the development of new products to support plans, he led new business expansion across Europe.

As Director of Sigma Wireless he lead the restructuring of the company to make it more competitive and enable new market expansion. This included rationalising manufacturing plants, company-wide business process reengineering, product development and international market access in Europe and Asia.

His start-up experience spans the licensing of Maynooth University, securing over €5 million funding and the technology development of what is now known as 5G radio technology. In the process it developed a patent portfolio of 15 patents granted in all major markets globally (Europe, USA, China and India). Taking the company through a controlled wind down, it sold its patent portfolio for several million. He now has a new start-up, Reivr Fusion, an innovative sensor technology solving location-based problems indoors.

Hyehmi Nolan

Hyehmi joined MaynoothWorks Business Innovation Centre in March 2021. She is a programme executive who manages MW BIC programmes, and supports client companies.

Hyehmi has over 5 years of experience in higher education sector in the United States where she worked in the Technology Licensing Office at MIT and the Department of Philosophy at George Washington University.

She has a BA in Psychology from the University of New Hampshire and a MA in Education and Human Development with a focus on Higher Education Administration, Entrepreneurship, and Innovation.