Collaborate with Maynooth University

Maynooth University offers access to world-leading facilities and technology experts across a wide range of disciplines, in a strategic location that offers you ready access to the EU, UK, and US markets.

Flexible space, access to specialist equipment, and a well-connected mentorship community

Our hosting services are designed with the needs of early-stage technology companies in mind, providing flexible space, straightforward rental access to specialist equipment, and a well-connected mentorship community to help maximise the potential of your business.

The Maynooth University campus is nestled amongst the global headquarters of major multinationals such as HP and Amazon, and we enjoy close collaboration with companies such as Microsoft and Intel which provide tremendous opportunities for partnership for innovative businesses.

Active innovation community

When you work with us, you’re joining an active innovation community stretching across the region.

We host the only European hub for Spin-Up Science, with whom we work to provide vital business intelligence consultancy to our early-stage clients at no cost to them.

Our entrepreneurially-engaged researcher base combines technical excellence with commercial credibility, providing a talent pipeline unique in Europe.

At the same time, our rapidly-expanding prototyping and product development facilities provide a low-cost, low-risk opportunity to explore ideas and refine commercial offerings amongst a successful, supportive society of innovators and business leaders.

Linking you directly to funding programmes

Our experienced commercialisation team can link you directly into Ireland’s generous innovation funding programmes, linking your team with the specialist technical expertise and resources you need.

We offer straightforward, transparent IP management policies to provide you with confidence and access to bespoke technology solutions, while our Business Innovation team is on hand to support your fundraising efforts with private equity investors from our worldwide network.

We are strongly connected to the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), and can provide unrivalled access to a continent-wide community of customers, investors, and collaborators.

Your success is our success

MaynoothWorks’ sole aim is to generate a broad-based and robust ecosystem of technology-enabled companies, intertwined with the University’s academic community and facilities in a symbiosis which benefits all parties.

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